Hostelry in La Iglesuela del Cid: Matutano-Daudén Palace

Palacio Matutano-Daudén in La Iglesuela del Cid, a unique experience in an 18th century palace full of culture and history.

Culture & History

Hostelry Matutano-Daudén Palace: A place full of charm and tradition

Our Hostelry in La Iglesuela del Cid is a charming hotel located in the old 18th century Matutano-Daudén Palace. This historic building of great architectural importance has been converted into a welcoming and charming space to offer visitors a unique experience.

Our story

History of the Hostelry Hotel Matutano-Daudén Palace

The origin of Iglesuela del Cid dates back to its consideration as a village during the Middle Ages, although Iberians and Romans settled in the area before that. After the reconquest of what is now Maestrazgo from the Muslims, the custody of the town was entrusted to the Order of the Temple in the 13th century and a century later to the Order of the Hospital.

Some place names in the municipality, a legend, and even its own name, recall the passage of El Cid Campeador through the municipality. Thus, between the Plaza Mayor and Calle Ondevilla is the 18th century Palacio de los Matutano-Daudén.

Opposite this building, today converted into the Hostelry in La Iglesuela del Cid, is another smaller building belonging to the Daudén family, and the palaces of Guijarro and Aliaga located in Calle San Pablo. One of the most significant Baroque palaces of this historic complex, the Palace of Agramunt, was built around the Calle Mayor.

Traditional & modern

At Hostelry Matutano-Daudén Palace, each room has been carefully designed to offer luxury and comfort to our guests. Our rooms combine the charm of the traditional decoration and history of the building with modern comforts, creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere.

The rooms are spacious, bright and perfectly equipped to ensure a comfortable stay. They are meticulously decorated with quality fabrics, warm colours and details that evoke the essence of the historical heritage of La Iglesuela del Cid. They also have independent air-conditioning, internet connection and satellite television.

Restaurant in the Hostelry Matutano-Daudén Palace

Our restaurant at the Hostelry La Iglesuela del Cid offers a unique culinary experience. We use local and seasonal products to create sophisticated and delicious dishes. Enjoy exquisite food in a cosy and elegant atmosphere, where every bite is a real pleasure for the palate.

La Torre de los Nublos Restaurant

For a unique gastronomic experience, the restaurant La Torre de los Nublos, of sustainable haute cuisine, offers carefully prepared dishes based on local and seasonal products, supplied by small local producers.

All the dishes are paired with magnificent local organic wines, which reflect the firm commitment to a cuisine that respects the environment, the well-being of its diners and the preservation of the land and its inhabitants.

Relaxation and nature


La Iglesuela del Cid is located in the impressive Maestrazgo Cultural Park, an area of exceptional natural and cultural beauty. Enjoy its peaceful surroundings and discover the richness of its landscape with its mountains, rivers and natural landscapes.

From La Iglesuela, you can explore the neighbouring villages of Cantavieja, Mirambel, Fortanete and Villarluengo, where you will find impressive natural enclaves, such as the Natural Monument of the Source of the Pitarque River, the Organs of Montoro or the Strait of Valloré. You can also visit the impressive caves of Cristal de Molinos. Immerse yourself in the majesty of the Sierra del Maestrazgo and enjoy an unforgettable experience in contact with nature.

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